Making a speech is an opportunity to change something. However, speech writing takes a great deal of planning, drafting, editing, chopping and re-editing.

So if you don’t have time, let me help. I’m a Member of the UK Speechwriters Guild, so I get a lot of inspiration from others’ who are great with words.

Whether you need a Chairman’s announcement, a CEO’s conference presentation or a Father-of-the-Bride ‘tear-jerker’ I’ll do the research and craft your words for you.

This is how I’d write your speech:

-get to know you and your audience;

-find the purpose, create the story line and gather material;

-build the middle bit first; then add the opening and closing words;

-edit phrases, add flourishes, paint pictures, quote others, and time how long it takes to deliver.

Contact me here so I know what you are facing.


Speechwriter Workshop

My speechwriters’ workshop is ideal for Local Government officers, personal assistants, PR professionals – in fact anyone whose boss asks them to write their speech for them!

I’ll show you how to get the initial brief right, stay on-message, and use story-telling and rhetorical tricks that work. 

Contact me here to discuss how I can help.