Event Design and Hosting

Event Design and Hosting

Over 25 years in business has given me enough experience and insight to appreciate a great event when I see one. I can also spot those that are badly conceived, constructed and compared.

Let me get involved from the start and add both creativity and common-sense so your event is focused, outcome-driven and above all enjoyable.

Here is how I worked with the Institute of Directors (East Midlands)


Time-poor audiences don’t want to find themselves trapped in an event that looks and feels like a throw-back to the 1990s. Stale formats are so obvious and yet they keep being dished-up (sterile venues, podium pontification, sit-down midday meals of rubber chicken or caveman beef). 

Instead we will work on:

-exciting and relevant venue

-blended content (keynote, panel, breakouts)

-catering such as Bowl Food


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