Presentation Skills Coaching


If you are a reluctant public speaker or presenter, or know that your talks have become weary, let’s have a chat.

After all, a presentation is a two-way conversation and you have those everyday.

The difference is in the control of the outcomes – and that is a very powerful reason for improving how you come across when you’re on your feet. 


Novice speaker?

Come along to one of my practical and highly interactive coaching days when you will work on the planning and delivery of a short presentation. No video, just helpful feedback from a small group (no more than 10) of fellow presenters.

We’ll cover:

-Why are you on your feet? What is the aim?

-Who are you talking to? What do they want to hear?

-What are you going to say? Can I cut it down but keep everyone happy?

-How am I going to sound and look? Will I feel 10 feet tall?

Get the basics right and in no time you’ll be eager to volunteer for those speaker slots. Great boost for your career too!


“I am extremely pleased indeed with this course. Highly recommended.”

Pete Rose, MD Maetrics Limited


Contact me here to discuss how I can help

Advanced speaker?

So you know your presentations have lost their gravitas and feel frankly ‘weary’. If you are looking out on an indifferent audience, and you all wish you were somewhere else, Speaker Masterclass is for you.

I can work with you on your own or with a small group of colleagues to take your presentations from ‘weary’ to ‘wow’. 

I’ll show you how to:

– Define and build your own speaker style.

– Take complete control of the speaking opportunity to benefit you and your audience.

– Organise your thoughts to deliver a single clear, memorable and compelling message.

– Connect with your audience in an engaging and persuasive manner using story-telling,   compelling facts and the appropriate level of emotion.

– Employ the best stage-craft techniques to hold everyone’s attention.


Whether you admire TED Talks ( or the political rhetoric of Parliament, I will guide and instruct you as you craft your speech for maximum impact.

With plenty of opportunity to practice, experiment, hone and rehearse, this Masterclass will influence the way you feel, and the way audiences respond to your messages.


“There was a definite improvement in the confidence with which presentations were delivered. This enabled greater clarity in messaging, improved buy in and ultimately superior delivery against objectives.”

Graeme Boylen, Group HR Director, Tarmac.